5 Questions to Ask a Toledo Divorce Attorney

When you are dealing with a divorce, your first step to ensuring the process goes smoothly is to find a Toledo divorce attorney.

1. How long should the process take?

Divorces are all unique, whether they take place in New York City, or Toledo Ohio, but a divorce attorney can give you a general idea of how long the process should take. This is an important question to ask because you need to mentally prepare yourself for the length of the process. Some divorces are over quickly, while others can drag out. While an estimate is just that, an estimate, a good lawyer will offer you a general time frame.

2. How often do you litigate, negotiate and settle cases?

Finding out the percentage of cases that go to litigation, and the number of cases that are settled at the practice, can give you a general feel of how the attorney operates. If you are looking to get the process over quickly and painlessly, you’ll want to find a lawyer who negotiates and settles cases, if you are worried this will be an ugly divorce, a lawyer with a lot of experience in litigation is probably your best bet.

3. What is Worth Fighting For?

Asking your divorce law attorney what is worth fighting for is always a good idea. As a person getting divorced, you may let your emotions cloud your judgment, and it can make really small things seem like a really big deal. Your attorney in Toledo Ohio can help you decipher what you should be fighting for, and what you should simply let go.

4. How do you bill?

While you might not want to discuss dollars and cents at a consultation, it is a question that needs to be asked of your divorce law attorney. You’ll want to know if billing will take place throughout the process, or at the end of the process. You’ll also want to know what fees you’ll incur and exactly what you’ll be billed for. Be sure to ask about;

– retainer fees
– court fees
– litigation fees
– billable hours

Every lawyer has a different fee structure, so don’t be afraid to ask. They should be more than willing to give you this information during your consultation.

5. What am I entitled to?

You may have an idea of what you are entitled to from the marriage, but your ideas and your legal rights might be different. During your consultation, ask your lawyer what he or she thinks you are entitled to from the marriage, legally speaking. This can be a great starting off point, and can help you get a sense of how the entire process will proceed. In certain aspects of a divorce, the law is the law, and there is no grey area. So, knowing this information can help you gain a better vantage point of what is to come, and how the process will play out.

If you are in the process of going through a divorce, or are planning to get divorced, it is important you speak with a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier you retain a lawyer, the quicker you can be protected, and the smoother the process will go.

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