Maumee Child Custody Lawyer


What is a Maumee Child Custody Lawyer?

An attorney who deals with family laws. He makes agreements between parents who are separating. They also work on cases where the parents have never been married. Sometimes parents can come to arrangements on their own, but when emotions run too high, the custody attorney steps in.


How do they help?

They will advise you on how to conduct yourself in and outside of the courtroom during the period of your hearing. For example, if you are looking to move to a different state, the attorney can advise if this will reflect well on your case.

The attorney will provide valuable information. They have worked with the judge, custody evaluator and the opposing attorney. He can utilize this knowledge for your best interest.

They organize the information that needs to be presented to the court. It is not always best to reveal all your personal information. Your lawyer will make sure you do not say anything that can be used against your case. A child custody lawyer understands how the court evaluates the best interest for your child. He will provide the best information possible to prove your case under these categories


Child’s Best Interest

• Quality of the schools in the district

• The child’s preference (if he is over 12)

• The ability of the parents to share custody

• How stable their living environment is

• The relationship with the child and his parent

• The parent’s ability to provide the child with the necessities (food, clothing, shelter and medical care)

• Mental and physical fitness of the parents

• The child’s age, gender and health


The court will evaluate this information to make decisions regarding the physical and legal custody.


Legal Custody

This involves making decisions regarding how the child will be raised. This includes items like religious practices, medical care and education.


Physical Custody

This is directly related to which parent the child will live with. If sole custody is granted then the child will live with one parent. If joint custody is granted then the parents will share the child. Joint custody includes any shared arrangement from 50/50 to weekends.


Make Changes to Existing Custody Arrangements

The custody and visiting arrangements will need to be changed occasionally. This can happen during periods of change. For example, when a parent loses a job, becomes sick, changes addresses or becomes remarried.


It is best to seek counsel during this difficult time in your life. Ensure the safety of your child by protecting him in court. The legal process becomes complicated and so it is best to seek professional help. If you are living in Maumee, Ohio and you need representation, please see Michael E. Bryant.

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