A Toledo Criminal Law Attorney to Defend You on Criminal Charges

A Toledo Criminal Law Attorney to Defend You on Criminal Charges

A Maumee, Ohio resident may receive a criminal charge from a law enforcement agent. That criminal charge could be for a wide variety of crimes such as drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, burglary, harassment and the like. All criminal charges pose a risk of harming the defendant’s reputation. Therefore, a defendant may want to contact a Toledo criminal law attorney for assistance. A Toledo criminal law attorney is someone who can help in the following ways:
Two Hands In Handcuffs

Moral Support and Comfort

The first thing that a Toledo OH attorney can provide is moral support. Accused persons tend to suffer from anxiety and depression when they receive a ticket for a criminal act. A reliable attorney will have a sense of compassion that can help to calm the accused person. The attorney can act as a friend and a confidant in one of the worst situations imaginable for a person.

Rebuffing the Authorities

Next, a reliable Toledo OH attorney can rebuff the accusing authority. An accusing authority has to have some basis for its accusation before it can go into a courtroom and try to get a judge to rule against a person. An attorney might be able to get a charge dropped immediately if he or she finds that the officer did something incorrect. For example, failure to read someone his or her Miranda Rights is enough to have a case thrown out.

Gathering Documentation

Gathering documentation is a task of the Toledo criminal law attorney that he or she can do. For example, the lawyer can gather driving records or request insurance information for someone who has been accused of a hit and run occurrence.

Using a Defense Strategy

Many defense strategies exist, and each attorney has a unique way of trying to protect a client. Some attorneys use strategies that force the accusing party to present a large amount of hard evidence. Some attorneys try to place the defendant someplace else at the time of the incident. Some attorneys are bargainers, and they will try to get their client to agree to a deal that the prosecutor presents. The strategy will depend on the type of case.

Negotiating Punishment

An attorney can serve a client by negotiating punishment or sentencing. Sentence negotiation is only necessary in a case that the person receives a guilty decision despite the attorney’s efforts. At that point, the attorney can request that the judge award community service, weekend sentencing, probation or some other sentencing that can help the person to be home for the family and work.

Contact a Maumee, Ohio Attorney Today

A defendant should not hesitate. The person should contact a Maumee, Ohio attorney for help with a criminal law charge today. Attorneys are eager to help as they never want to see a resident go to jail. They will work diligently to keep the client protected at all times. The attorney will start developing a strategy immediately following the consultation. All the defendant has to do is take the first step and dial.

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