A Toledo Criminal Lawyer to Battle Your Drug Conviction

Drug offenses in Ohio are treated severely. The effects of drug crimes weigh heavily on the taxpayers and this is why the state and the federal government do not take these cases lightly. The penalties meted may include lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines and driver’s license suspension. A drug record will also affect your chances of getting a job and even car insurance. The laws dealing with drug offenses in Ohio can be confusing, especially because they are revised time to time. If you or a loved one has been involved or implicated in a drug charge, your best bet is enlisting the services of a Toledo criminal lawyer. Ignorance of the law is no defense, and that is why you need to be aware of drug convictions in Maumee, Ohio so as to seek legal aid.

Toledo Drug Lawyer

Drug paraphernalia simply refer to equipment that is used to inhale, inject or conceal drugs that are considered illegal. It is illegal for anyone to export, import or sell drug paraphernalia. Examples include and are not limited to:

• Syringes
• Bongs
• Rolling papers
• Certain pipes

It is very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law when it comes to drug paraphernalia. This is because many of these equipments appear as if they are made for legal purposes. For instance, some bongs may have a label saying that they are not to be used with drugs such as tobacco. However, you can be charged depending on where you purchased the paraphernalia and how the device looks. A Toledo criminal lawyer will look at the facts of your case and advice you on the best way forward.


In Maumee, Ohio you can be charged with possession if you posses obtain or use a controlled substance. Controlled substances include drugs such as hashish. Drugs are categorized into 5 tiers. The classification is based on potency. Drugs under schedule 1 are the most harmful while those under schedule 5 are considered least harmful. In Ohio, a Felony Drug Possession is imposed on persons who are suspected to be in possession of schedule I or II drugs. This charge is referred to as aggravated possession. The court will look at several factors when determining whether the person is guilty. They will consider the amount of drugs that were being carried, and whether possession was actual or constructive. This is where a Toledo OH lawyer comes in, helping you understand the charges and devise the best defense strategy.


While possessions and distribution of drugs are serious offenses, manufacturing is a crime that is treated more dangerous than any of these offenses. It is considered highly illegal to cultivate or manufacture drugs. A manufacturing felony charge in Maumee, Ohio can attract a prison sentence of five years or more. The same applies to persons who are caught transporting any chemicals considered illegal. Other serious offenses include growing marijuana or operating a meth lab. The type of drug being manufactured will determine the punishment meted. Due to the gravity of such a crime, you need to seek legal expertise from a Toledo OH lawyer.

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