A Toledo Lawyer Can Help Win Your Conflict Today

You are probably familiar with traditional dispute and resolution processes within our civil justice system. Most cases end with some sort of litigation and a courtroom trial where a judge or jury decides which party is at fault. There’s always a winner and a loser. However, there are other options available to you that don’t result in a court room battle. In Maumee, Ohio, you can use mediation and arbitration to resolve your conflicts. These processes should be considered no matter the dispute.

It is an appropriate method to resolve a dispute and it can end in a reasonable answer for both parties. Using the settlement and compromise system has been favored by the legal authorities for centuries. Did you know that about five percent of the cases that use this method actually end up in a trial? It’s an excellent way for you to deal with the controversy.

What Are Negotiations?

With the help of your Toledo Lawyer, you can utilize negotiation to settle your differences. It is a method that utilizes back and forth communication in an attempt to find a solution. The attorney will make contact with the other side on your behalf. Negotiations allow you to participate in discussions that directly affect you. An agreement that is made during these proceedings is considered a contract and is enforceable in a court of law. A negotiation tactic can be used in Toledo OH while the lawsuit is in progress, after the trial is over, or before an appeal is filed. Here are the characteristics of a negotiation.

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 They Are a Voluntary Option to End A Dispute
 They Are Private and confidential
 They Can Be a Quick and Inexpensive Alternative
 They Are Informal and unstructured
 Can Be a Win-Win Situation
 If Agreement is Made-It Is Legally Binding

What Is Mediation?

In Maumee, Ohio Medication is used as a voluntary process where the mediator helps to promote reconciliation with the parties for the benefit of reaching a mutual agreement. If negotiation proves to be unsuccessful, then mediation is the next step. A mediator does not have the power to make a decision or to enforce an agreement. Both parties directly participate and must have their own settlement agreement.

The mediator sets the ground rules and the Toledo, Ohio lawyer will explain their parties’ point of view. The mediator can pull one part aside and use a method called caucusing. This will help to address the emotional factors aside from the factual issues. This process allows clients living in the Maumee, Ohio area to reach an agreement that may not come out of a court hearing.


Your Toledo Lawyer can help you to resolve a conflict by using litigation. The justice system can make a decision when all other efforts have failed. There are specific rules and procedures that must be followed in Maumee, Ohio for the court to hear the case. Depending on the dollar amount and the legal matter it will make a difference on which branch of the court the case is filed with. This is the most expensive option in conflict resolution and the Toledo OH court system wants to know that all other avenues have been exhausted first.

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