A Toledo OH Attorney to Defend You Against Conviction

If you are facing a serious legal charge in Maumee, Ohio you need a competent Toledo OH attorney to defend and protect you. Whatever the legal issue may be, from being the owner of a dog that bit someone to hitting another car with your vehicle, an experienced attorney can help you successfully defend yourself in court to ensure a fair trial or speedy resolution. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a Toledo, OH attorney.

Toledo Criminal Law Attorney - Misdemeanor Offenses

Look for a Toledo OH attorney who has received a legal degree. The degree should be from an accredited law school, preferably one in good standing with a respected reputation. In addition, the attorney should have passed the state bar exam and be admitted to the practice of law in Ohio. Attorneys can practice in more than one state, but Toledo, OH must be included.


If possible, look for an attorney who has several years of experience with the kind of legal service that you need. Check the website for testimonials and possible references. When you contact the attorney initially, ask about prior experience with the kind of case you are involved in.


Make sure the attorney knows how to provide the type of defense you need. You may want to contact the local bar association to see if any complaints have been issued against the attorney or the firm with which he or she is affiliated. If so, have these been resolved? You can also check with local business organizations like the chamber of commerce or various civic groups to see what they know of a particular attorney. Some firms list case wins and losses on their website, although not necessarily all. You may be able to get an idea of the type of cases they handle, and the outcomes.


Discuss with the Toledo attorney the best way to get in contact when needed. Some attorneys like to touch base every couple of weeks to keep clients updated. Others prefer to communicate only near major events, like upcoming court hearings. Know what to expect to see if you feel comfortable with that level of communication. Also find out the best way to reach the attorney, whether by phone, email, or text, for example. Some attorneys in Toledo OH prefer media with which they talk to clients.


During your first meeting, ask about what to expect in your legal process. Find out what you are expected to do, and what costs you may be responsible for. Request an estimated timeline of activities so you can prepare your personal calendar accordingly. The attorney may request that you prepare certain kinds of information for interrogatories or other legal proceedings.

Finding a Maumee, Ohio attorney who can successfully defend you isn’t difficult. By doing things like those mentioned above, you should be able to find the best legal representative available for your case in Toledo OH for a good shot at success. Perform due diligence for your best possible outcome.

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