Toledo Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

The National Trial Lawyers - Toledo Criminal Law LawyerSo your child has been charged with a crime.  Whether it is a minor misdemeanor or high level felony you and your kid are scared.  He needs someone to fight for his rights at every step of the way.  He needs a Toledo Juvenile Delinquency (criminal law) lawyer who knows the system; who knows the law; and who knows how to defend him.

I don’t care if he is guilty or innocent.  The truth is not my problem when I take a criminal or delinquency case.  I only care about what the prosecutor can prove.  The prosecutor carries every burden in a criminal case.  We don’t have to prove anything.  That doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and not do anything, though.

I’m going to start by preparing his case for trial.  From Day One I expect to try his case.  I wouldn’t accept a case if I wasn’t willing to take it to trial.

I’m going to evaluate your child’s case to determine if there are any suppressible issues.  The police have to do everything according to Ohio Law, the Ohio Constitution, and the United State Constitution.  If they didn’t we can ask the Court to exclude any testimony or evidence that the police gathered against your child’s rights.

gavel - Toledo Criminal Law LawyerI’m going to talk to the police and any witnesses.  I’m going to determine who is going to say what under oath on the stand at trial.

I’m going to review all the evidence.  This could include police reports, video tape, audio tape, documents, or even electronic records.

We will talk about the possibility of hiring an expert witness.  These people cost a ton of money, but may be invaluable to your child’s defense, and keeping him out of the Department of Youth Services.

And once you and I have talked about all the evidence against your child, and the defenses he may have, I’ll talk to the prosecutor.  The prosecutor may know he has a weak case and give us an offer we can’t refuse.  Or the prosecutor may know that he has a slam-dunk and not offer anything.

Your child and I will talk about the pros and cons of taking any offer the prosecutor may give us.  There may be programs or classes that could keep this charge off his record.  There may be no alternative but to try a case.  Either way, I want you and your kid to feel comfortable with each decision when we step into that courtroom to either accept a plea or begin opening statements.