Avoiding a Drug Conviction With a Toledo Criminal Lawyer

People who are convicted of possession of drugs face different types f sentences that can range from a fine of as little as $100 to thousands f dollars, community service and spending many years in prison. The actual sentence does vary from one state to the next, however, when you have been arrested and found with drugs, you will need to hire the best lawyer to make sure that the case does not get to court and even if it does, that you do not get a harsh sentence. Here are some tips on how you can avoid drug charge conviction with Toledo criminal lawyer in Toledo OH.

Toledo Drug Lawyer

During the arrest

The one thing that will help you most is thinking on your feet. You need to understand that if there is n evidence, the prosecution will not have a strong case against you. So, in case you are flagged down and you suspect a drug search will be carried out, do your best to hide any prohibited substances that you could be having on yourself.


Remaining silent


Another thing that will help you a lot during a drug related arrest is keeping your mouth shut. Do not try to argue with the arresting officers or explaining why you had the drugs, just exercise your Miranda rights, and start planning on how you will contact a reliable lawyer as soon as possible.


Intent to distribute

Drug possession does carry heavy penalties. However, if the prosecution is able to establish that you had the intent to distribute the drugs, they will slap on you very heavy sentences. In case you are caught with drugs, do not under any circumstances admit that you had any intention to sell the drugs to anyone. You would rather have your lawyer trying to figure out a way out f possession charges as opposed to trafficking charges.


Cutting deals

If, for instance, you are a low level distributor, and the circumstances that led to your arrest leave no doubts as to the fact that you were selling the drugs there are several things you can do to avoid doing time. The first is that you can decide to make a deal with the DEA, whereby you will give them some information about the big players in exchange for your freedom. In case you feel that talking about the big fish will endanger your life, tell the DEA this and they will try and look into solutions such as witness protection.


Pre-Plea Bargains

Many prosecutors and defendants always know when a case is worth the trial and when it isn’t. It is important to listen to the advice that your lawyer gives you about the case before you go to court. If they have a plea bargain that they think you should take, opt for the punishment because going to trial could mean a heavier sentence.

These are some of the tips that can assists anyone dealing with drug possession charges. When you hire a Toledo criminal lawyer in Toledo OH, you are assured that the most lenient judgment will be given for your case.

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