Avoiding Drug Charges With the Help of a Toledo OH Attorney

There has been an increase in the recorded cases within the Maumee, Ohio criminal justice system. This has been credited to a similar increase in lack of awareness about the rights that an individual has in relation to their legally provided provisions in relation to the drug charges. This is also the case in Toledo OH.

Drug Charges With a Toledo OH Attorney


Common Drug Offenses

Some of the most common drug charges that are preferred include:

· The possession of drugs either on the person or in a property that such person has been listed as the owner or the person in charge.

· The manufacture of drugs illegally without a permit to legally allow for this.

· The use of deception in order to obtain drugs that have been classified as being dangerous.

· The acts of corrupting another person or group of persons with drugs.

· The illegal possession of documents in relation to illegal drugs.

· The acts of abusing intoxicants that have been listed as being harmful to an individual.

· General offenses that relate to the prescription drugs, cocaine, crack, heroine, ecstasy, hashish, opium, LSD, MDMA, methamphetamine and other drugs that have been listed.


Factors Considered

It is worth noting that an individual that has been charged with a misdemeanor drug offense will also generally be facing preferred charges such as the incurred court fees for the process, imposed fines and other penalties as opposed to a person who has been charged with a felony drug offense. While this has been left to the discretion of the judge, in some of the cases the judges will consider the jail time that is mandated locally, the option of probation depending on the unique circumstances of the case and other influencing factor according to a Toledo attorney. Such influencing factors include issues such as:

· The nature and the amount of the drug that was involved in the case.

· The number of people that were involved in the drug offense.

· The criminal record of the person that has been charged with the drug offense. In most of the cases, the penalty that is meted out to repeat offenders will usually be different from the penalty that is issued to a first time offender.

The drug offenses could also be accompanied by collateral consequences that are hidden on successful conviction. Such repercussions include having a permanent criminal record with the exception of misdemeanor drug cases that are considered as minor, the rejection by potential employers due to the drug offense association, reservations in being issued with professional licenses and other public benefit schemes in Toledo OH.

While it is common practice that the routine traffic stops by the traffic officers will lead to all the individuals in the vehicle being charged, some other cases indicate that the individual closest to the drugs will be charged. It is with this in mind that a competent and qualified Toledo attorney should be used for the purposes of avoiding the drug charges. This should include advice on how to handle yourself in such a situation and the legal position on searches and seizures in Maumee Ohio.

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