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In Ohio, among the most callous of violations is drug possession. Charges or penalties for this offense can be severe and range from substantial fines to lengthy prison terms. Most drug possession felonies are handled and prosecuted by the state Government, but in special circumstance, the federal government may step-in.

Charges In Detail

Prison time for a drug possession felony charge in Toledo OH varies depending on the number of drug offenses or the degree of felony committed by the defendant. For example,

  • A first offense requires the client to pay a fine of $10,000 in addition to jail time of 1 to 5 years.
  • Second drug offense requires that the client pay $15,000 and serve jail time for 2 to 8 years
  • Third offense requires a fine of $20,000 and involves a jail time of 3 to 11 years.

Failure to respond to drug offenses in court means that the defendant breaches his or her standard of conduct and may require to undergo more sever punishment. Increasingly, Ohio state can alter the amount of fine imposed on the defendant in certain type of drug cases. Some limits are as old as the nation’s republic. Others have been enacted in response to public cries for more severe drug felony reform recently.

A person is charged with the possession of drugs and illegal items harmful to the body if the person obtains or has in his or her possession the controlled substance declared by the state of Ohio. The controlled substance belongs to one of the 5 tiers of drugs classified by the government based on its potency. For example, a drug that comes under Schedule I is the most harmful variety while Schedule V – with medicinal properties – is the least injurious one. An aggravated possession of drugs means that the person is carrying either a Schedule I or Schedule II drug variety. The felony for this type of behavior is that of the 5th degree. However, the final charges and fines are based on whether the person was actually or constructively in the possession of those drugs as well as certain other factors. The amount of drug also plays an important role in determining the final charges and convictions. If the amount exceeds the “bulk” amount as defined by the law, the person is considered guilty of a felony of 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree depending on the quantity of the drug. To be a major drug offender, the person should be carrying 100 or more times the bulk amount and this type of charges involves harsh punishment.

A Lawyer’s Role

Working with a lawyer in Toledo OH can involve both the defendant and the lawyer doing a number of things to solve this case. Drug possession felony especially has time deadline in Ohio and therefore requires a highly experienced attorney defending the client. A good attorney will represent a client with the highest degree of loyalty and keep the client’s secrets to maintain his or her confidentiality. The Toledo Drug Offense Lawyer will exercise independent judgement on the behalf of the client facing the charges.

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