Facing Traffic Offenses With a Toledo Attorney

Facing Traffic Offenses With a Toledo Attorney

Many people assume that a ticket is nonnegotiable. You get the ticket, you pay the fine, and you get a point on your license. However, many people in the Toledo OH area are finding that they can face traffic offenses and often be found innocent when they use legal representation.
Facing Traffic Offenses With a Toledo Attorney

Is Traffic Court the Right Option?

Around ninety percent of people who receive a ticket simply pay it without ever going to court. Many people assume that it is simply easier and less expensive to pay the ticket.

However, this is not always the case. Tickets are expensive, especially for more serious traffic infractions. In addition, the ‘points’ from traffic tickets can add up quickly with just a few minor infractions to significantly increase auto insurance costs and even compromise a person’s ability to drive. Having too many traffic violations can even cost you a job. In addition, many policemen give tickets when they are not warranted, so there is an element of injustice here. Cities such as Maumee, Ohio are increasingly using fines from traffic offenses as a major source of income, and going out of their way to ticket anyone for any plausible reason.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

There are several simple ways that legal representation can help people in Maumee, Ohio if you get a ticket. First, many police officers do not follow procedure or otherwise make mistakes in the act of giving a ticket. A lawyer can quickly recognize these mistakes, which means you do not have to pay the ticket. Second, if you did not perform the offense you are accused of, a traffic attorney in the Toledo OH area can help you defend yourself. Last, even if you are found guilty, a lawyer can negotiate your punishment to reduce points on your driver’s license and even reduce the fine.

Getting Off on Technicalities

Sometimes merely going to court with representation can make a huge impact in the case’s outcome. The following things may happen:

• A case may be dismissed if the police officer cannot attend court.
• Mistakes in the ticket may get it dismissed.
• Many judges will grant a probationary period after which there are no lasting consequences if the driver does not commit another traffic offense. In this case, you may pay all or part of the fine, but have no lasting record or points.
• Prosecutors are quick to take advantage of people who are at a disadvantage due to a lack of legal representation, but they will back off quickly when a person has a lawyer on their side.

Traffic tickets can have an immense effect on an individual’s life. Police officers and courts often are unfair in accusing people of these crimes and levying unfair punishments for them. Traffic offense are one area where the justice system is often not just at all, unless you have a lawyer on your side. There is no need for anyone in the Maumee, Ohio area to deal with the consequences of an unfair ticket. Contact an experienced traffic attorney today.

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