Getting the Child Support Payments You Deserve With a Toledo Divorce Lawyer

Getting the child support payments you deserve can be difficult. Deadbeat dads will do everything they can to avoid making payments, and you need help from a Toledo divorce lawyer who will petition the court on your behalf. Your lawyer can help you in a few ways that will bring the father of your children before the court to make their payments. No one can hide in Toledo OH when your lawyer is searching for them.

Toledo Divorce Lawyer Child Support Payments

#1: Find Their Location

Deadbeat dads who disappear from view can be found by your lawyer on your behalf. An investigator or your lawyer’s office will find the man who owes you many child support payments, and the court can deal with him if he is delinquent on your payments. You should not attempt to find the location of a deadbeat dad on your own when your lawyer can do that work for you.

#2: Calculate Their Late Payments

You may calculate the payments you are owed during the year, but you should allow your Toledo divorce lawyer to calculate the payments on your behalf. Your lawyer will petition the court for the full amount you are owed, and you must allow your lawyer to come up with a plan through the court for the payments you deserve. You cannot work out a plan with a deadbeat dad once he has stopped making payments, but your lawyer can come up with a plan that will help you get paid the money you deserve.

#3: Change In Custody Agreements

You may choose to change the custody agreement you have with your ex when support payments stop. The support payments are an indication that your ex does not want to have anything to do with your family. Your lawyer may choose to amend the custody agreement you have with your ex contingent on repayment of the support you are due. This is a good way to convince men to make the payments you deserve, but you must allow your lawyer to create the agreement in conjunction with the court. Do not threaten your ex with a plan that you cannot approve on your own.

#4: Direct Payments

Your lawyer can set up a payment plan that ensures all payments come to you directly. Many deadbeat dads prefer to make partial payments in an attempt to skirt the system, but any dad who wishes to shirk his responsibilities could be arrested for making partial payments. Each payment is credited to your account, and you ay access that money immediately. Deadbeat dads have an incentive to make full payments to you, and deadbeat dads are met with swift justice if they are not doing their duty to your family.

Deadbeat dads in Toledo OH cannot hide from your attorney when support payments are late. Ask your attorney for assistance when your support payments are late, and allow your attorney to handle the investigation. You must sit back and wait for your lawyer to garner the support payments you are due.

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