Protect Your Rights With a Toledo Child Custody Lawyer

Protect Your Rights With a Maumee, OH Child Custody Lawyer

When anyone is going through a painful divorce with children it is important to protect the rights of the child. Finding a solution that is best for everyone while protecting the safety and interests of the children requires a good child custody lawyer.What Does Best Interest of the Child Mean?This often means finding a solution that works for the children depending on their ages, physical and mental conditions. The age of the parents and financial situations have to be considered. This means their ability to provide the child with food, shelter, and medical care.What are the types of schools in the area that the children will attend? What are the children’s emotional ties to each parent? What is their preference if the child is over 12 to go with the mother or father? Do the parents get along and can they work out an agreeable custody arrangement. How stable is the environment and what is best for the children?A good child custody lawyer in Perrysburg Ohio can make help parents or individuals make this decision. There are several types of custody arrangements choosing the one that is right for your situation depends on many different factors. A lawyer can help protect your right and handle the detailed paperwork. What are some of the types of custody arrangments?

  • Legal Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Joint Custody
  • Bird Nest Custody

Each situation is different legal custody lets a person decide on the education, religion, medical care, and discipline of the children or child. Often joint custody is awarded to both parents and they share this responsibility living in different homes or locations. Physical custody is where the children live and most courts under normal circumstances award both parents the right to split the custody.

When parents do not get along or the divorce is bitter than a lawyer can help protect the rights of the father or mother Sometimes divorces are bitter and not fair so a lawyer can protect a person from someone that is vindictive or has an unfair advantage. An unfair advantage can be money and power.

Sole custody often awards one parent all rights of the child. Often the other has visitation rights. This often is because one parent is more capable of supporting the children and sometimes more emotionally connected. Sometimes one parent has a drug or alcohol problem or suffers from mental illness and cannot take care of the child. These are just different circumstances that a Toledo child custody lawyer can help with.

Joint custody is when both parents arrange their schedule to take care of the children and work together to share responsibility of raising them. A Bird’s Nest Custody arrangement is when children stay in one home and both parents live in the house during different times of the year to care for the children. A lawyer in Perrysburg Ohio can help you find the best custody arrangement for your situation and protect your rights too.

Contact a good lawyer in Maumee, OH to help protect your rights and find the best child custody agreement for your individual situation.

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