The Benefits of Record Expungement With a Toledo Criminal Law Lawyer

We all have made mistakes and dumb decisions in our life that we have come to regret. Some individuals’ mistakes or decisions have landed them in jail and/or with a criminal record. Once they are released this criminal record will follow them their whole life. While they have paid their debt to society much of their life will be limited because of the misdemeanor or felony convictions that they have on their record. Residents of Toledo OH do not let your past prevent you from living a full life, contact a lawyer today to get your record expunged and experience its benefits.

1. Get the job that you want

Some misdemeanor and felony charges can prevent you from obtaining a job that you really want. A potential employer can view your convictions as a reason not to hire you. If you were recently imprisoned due to assault charges an employer can view you as a threat and assume that you will harm someone else. With record expungement, this information will not be viewable by the public. You paid your debt to society and now you should be able to live your life by getting the job that you want.

2. Go back to school

Mistakes made earlier in your life should not be able to prevent you from furthering your education but sometimes it does. Some convicted felons may find that certain convictions can keep him or her from obtaining a degree from a higher education institution. They could be denied admission or they can be denied financial aid because of their past. Don’t allow this to happen to you, contact a lawyer today to see what expugement options you have.

3. Start a family

Adopting a child is a great way to start a family and to become a parent of a little one that is less fortunate. Unfortunately, in 15 states there are laws that prevent a person that has a criminal record from adopting children. If the crime committed involved a minor then these cases cannot be expunged from your record. But if you have different charges on your record that are preventing you from becoming a parent through the help of adoption then seek to have your record expunged today.

4. Get a bank loan

A criminal record can cause a bank to be biased and not approve you for a loan. This loan can be personal, for a business, or even for a home. Also, if the bank decides to approve you, they may base your interest rate on your criminal recorder. With your criminal record you could be subject to paying high interests rate for the loan. Instead of receiving a no or falling victim to high interest rates, get a record expungement with the help of a lawyer.

Toledo OH, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your past determine the opportunities available for you today. You have paid your debt to society and you deserve to live a normal life. Contact a Toledo criminal law lawyer today to see what options you have pertaining to your criminal record.

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