What Types of Felony Offenses Are Defended by a Toledo Felony Offense Lawyer?

The Crime

The State of Ohio, as well as, Toledo OH rate felonies in degrees from first to fifth. First degree felonies are the most egregious and fifth degree being the least egregious by classification. It is rated in this manner because certain crimes are designated with their own specific penalties. The State of Ohio designates murder and aggravated murder as the state’s most heinous crimes, but murder and aggravated murder is a description of the crime also.

There are standard examples for each felony designation, although, other designations can be applied according to severity of the crime. First degree felonies can include voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and rape offenses. Explosives manufacturing, abduction and prostituting while knowingly being infected with HIV are examples of second degree felonies. Third degree felonies can include some homicides and robberies. Grand theft auto is among other crimes in the fourth degree felony designation, and fifth degree felonies can include buying stolen goods and gambling. Felony offenses that are without degree designations are reserved for especially severe crimes, and the penalties that are designated are specific to these crimes.

The Time

Any person that faces a felony charge can be convicted and sentenced to the penalty range that corresponds with the specific felony classification. Fifth degree felonies incur penalties that range from 6 to 12 month prison terms. Fourth degree felonies can incur 6 to 18 month sentences. Third degree penalties range from 9 months to 5 years in prison. Second degree penalties range from 2 to 8 years prison terms while first degree felony offenses incur 3 to 11 year stints. Convictions of aggravated murder can result in death, but sentences can also carry terms of life with parole possibilities enabled after 20 years.

Murder convictions can incur terms of life without the possibility of parole to as little as 15 year sentences. Murder and aggravated murder are termed by the state as unclassified felonies. Some felonies in Toledo OH incur mandatory sentences. Murder and Aggravated murder are included, but rape, as well as, rape of a child that is age 13 or younger, various other sexual proclivities and the use or possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. These all carry mandatory sentences. For example, a firearm present in the commission of a felony automatically incurs a minimum of a three year sentence.

The Fine.

In addition, there are fines that these crimes also incur. These fines vary per the severity of the felonious offense. These amounts are designated as the maximum amount that each felony fine could be

• Fifth degree $2,500
• Fourth degree $5,000
• Third degree $10,000
• Second degree $15,000
• First degree $20,000
• Murder and aggravate murder incur maximum fines of $15,000 and $25,000 respectively.

The Never Mind?

However for some crimes, there are limitations called the Statute of Limitations that sets a sunset period for the charges that are not served against a person. Prosecutors must have charges filed within this time period, or the charges become invalid. However, murder has no time statute and is prosecutable indefinitely.

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