Why You Should Hire a Toledo Traffic Lawyer Immediately if You’ve Been Charged With a Traffic Offense

A traffic lawyer specializes in the aspects of traffic law. They know the ins and outs of this law and can help you in your predicament. However, before you call a Toledo OH traffic lawyer, you should consider whether or not actually seeking out such services is worth your while. The cost of the attorney may outweigh the cost of your violation, which may mean that you won’t necessarily benefit need to spend the money on such services.

Toledo Traffic Lawyer

Still, are you wondering whether or not you should move forward and find a lawyer? Read on to find out whether or not your individual case will benefit from this type of litigation.

Questions to Ask

When determining whether or not you should seek the help of a traffic attorney, ask yourself the following questions:

* Will the ticket affect my license?
In most traffic offenses, you will receive points on your license. Points count against you and once you reach a certain amount, your license can be suspended or even revoked. The amount of points you receive depends on your specific violation. In minor offenses, you may only receive one point; however, in more serious offenses, you could receive several points. For example, under a recently passed Ohio State law, if you are caught texting and driving, you will automatically receive five points on your license. Five points is a huge deal, as the laws in Toledo OH dictate that if you receive 11 points for traffic violations in an 18-month period, your license can be suspended or even revoked. If you have received a ticked for a serious violation that translates to a lot of points on your license, a traffic attorney can certainly be of service to you. The lawyer can help to have the amount of points you receive on your license reduced, so this could certainly be a good thing for you.

* Will the ticket greatly affect your insurance?
Your traffic offense can also affect your insurance. When you receive a traffic violation, your insurance is notified and the cost usually goes up because you are seen as a liability to the insurance company. The amount that your insurance will be affected depends on the type of violation you have received. If you have been charged with a serious offense, your insurance could go up quite significantly; however, it the offense was minor, it might only go up a few dollars. If your case will cause your insurance to go up a great deal, it might be worth it for you to hire a lawyer; but, if your insurance is hardly affected, the cost of the lawyer might be more than the rise in your insurance.

* Is a lawsuit a possibility?
Were you involved in an incident that might result in a lawsuit? For instance, did you cause an accident because you ran a red light or a stop sign? If your traffic violation could lead to a lawsuit, you will certainly want to hire a lawyer who is experienced with traffic litigation. Such an attorney knows the details of this law and can represent you so that you receive the best possible outcome.
A Toledo Traffic Lawyer can certainly be beneficial in the case of a traffic violation. However, before you contact such a lawyer, determine whether or not you will definitely benefit from such services.