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Filing for Bankruptcy in Toledo?

If you are facing serious financial difficulties and cannot pay your bills, you are likely considering the option of filing for bankruptcy. Federal law allows for those whose finances have spiraled out of control to seek relief through filing bankruptcy. This opportunity allows you to get a fresh financial start and be free of the stress, anxiety and the endless problems that are part of being too deeply in debt. Our legal team has assisted individuals and small business owners since 2009 and is proud of our ability to help our clients start over and rebuild their lives and their financial future.

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If you are uncertain whether you qualify for bankruptcy, the first step is to contact our firm and have your personal financial situation reviewed by our legal team at Michael E. Bryant Law Offices. Each individual case is unique and our legal team can assist you in determining your best course of action. Some may not qualify for Chapter 7, or “discharge of debt” or do not wish to file this form of bankruptcy. They may be well served by filing Chapter 13, which will buy them the time to resolve their serious debt problems, and allow a 3-5 year period to pay off outstanding obligations in a single affordable payment.

No matter what your situation is, if you are under severe financial stress, we can help.
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