“Michael always listened to me, spent the time gathering facts, and was very knowledgeable about my case.  When we were in Court he was always well prepared and knew the law.  Michael was affordable and he fought for me.  He totally had my back, and I trust him with everything.”  - O.R.

“Thank you for your help during this difficult time in my life.”   - L.H.

"Mr. Bryant has increased our ease of doing business in northwest Ohio, as well as dropped our management costs substantially."  - Matthew Stevens Properties

Criminal Law 
Being arrested or charged with a crime is a significant, and perhaps life changing event. It is important that you know your rights and you assert them aggressively. I have handled cases from minor misdemeanors up to felonies of the 1st degree.  more>>>

Divorce & Child Custody 
Divorce and child custody issues represent a very traumatic time in the lives of not only the litigants, but any children as well. As a family law attorney I work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for my client with the least amount of trauma to everyone involved.  more »

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure 
It's not your fault. You would love to have the means to pay back all of your creditors. You don't want to lose your house, or spend months trying to keep it. This is a difficult time in your life, and this is certainly not how you envisioned it. I can help.  more »