Child Protective Services Attorney

child-protective-services-attorney-ToledoFighting for the right to have your child stay with you can often be an uphill battle. It is you against a child welfare system that has made mistakes in the past. Protecting children from abuse and neglect should be and is taken seriously. But sometimes the system is flawed. The law requires due process for both the child and the parent. Laws require child welfare agencies to make efforts to keep kids with their parents and to work to reunite them if they are temporarily separated. Navigating your way through this can be a lot easier with a good Child Protective Services attorney on your side.

Michael E. Bryant is a tough CPS attorney who can serve as an advocate, advisor, and child protective services attorney as your child welfare case works its way through the court system. He has more than a decade of experience helping Toledoans get the representation they deserve.

As your CPS attorney, Michael E. Bryant works for you and is committed to you, your wants, and your needs in areas of:

Child Abuse

If someone complains, someone will listen.  Parental child abuse cases are investigated based on allegations of mental, verbal or physical abuse, poor living conditions, carelessness, minor accidents, and a myriad of other issues.

Sexual Abuse Cases

Cases of child sexual abuse should never be taken lightly. Diligent investigations are the necessary first steps to protect children.

Physical Abuse Cases

Physical Abuse Cases are especially serious. Police are required to investigate all suspected cases of child physical abuse when they are reported to them. This could end with a child being removed from the home and the parents facing criminal charges.

Domestic Violence And Children

Children are considered victims of domestic violence by simply witnessing domestic violence against someone in their household. Children services may take action in order to protect the child from seeing or hearing domestic abuse.

If you are at risk of losing your children to Child Services, you need a child protective services attorney you can trust to aggressively protect your parental right to keep your family together. Michael E. Bryant is that attorney. He will work with you to see if the agency has made mistakes in your case. He will advise you on the best way to keep your kids in your home or to reunite you with them. And he will be your advocate in a sometimes scary and often confusing court system. Most importantly, Michael E. Bryant wants what is best for you and your child.