Juvenile Defense Attorney

juvenile-defense-attorneyThe stress is intense if your son or daughter has been arrested. It can be a time of emotion and confusion. You need a juvenile defense attorney you can trust to protect you and guide you in what is in the best for you and your child.

The juvenile justice system is very different from the adult system. Different terms are used for juveniles, like committing “delinquent acts” instead of “crimes,” and having “adjudication hearings” instead of “trials.” Minors also have different constitutional rights. Judges hear their adjudication hearings because youthful offenders do not have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. They also do not have the right to bail or to a public trial.

In Ohio, young offenders are categorized as the following:

  • A juvenile delinquent is a child under 18 years old who violates the laws of the state of Ohio that would be an offense if committed by an adult.
  • A serious youthful offender is a minor who is punishable with a mandatory sentence. Serious youthful offenders are children of a certain age who committed a certain act but who was not transferred to an adult court for the offense.
  • An unruly child is a child who is a habitual truant, does not submit to control of the child’s parents or guardian behaves in a way that will injure their health or the health of another, or violates the law.

Michael E. Bryant has years of experience as a juvenile defense attorney, representing clients in a juvenile delinquency case. He knows how important it is to be heard and have someone that understands your needs. Michael E. Bryant is committed to assisting you in areas of:


Misdemeanors are typically the least serious criminal charges brought against kids. These crimes can include shoplifting, minor assault, alcohol possession, and use, property crimes, and possession of marijuana.

Juvenile Felony

Juvenile felony crimes are considered the most serious charges brought against juveniles. This can include robbery, felony assault, possessing a firearm, drug trafficking, even murder. Felonies carry the stiffest penalties for juvenile offenders.

Sexual Offenses

Juvenile sex offenses can result in a youth being labeled as a juvenile sexual offender. That carries a requirement of registering as a sex offender along with other punishment, including incarceration. Sexually motivated crimes can include, sexting, rape and sexual battery.

Finding a lawyer you can trust is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your child’s future and your family’s overall well-being. Michael E. Bryant has significant juvenile case experience. Michael E. Bryant will guide you through the juvenile court system and craft a top-notch defense to obtain the best possible outcome.