Mediation: The Key to a Peaceful Divorce — Advice From a Toledo Divorce Attorney

July 9, 2014

Most people don’t begin a marriage with the expectation of getting divorced. But for about half of Toledo’s married population, dreams of a lifelong union filled with happiness and bliss will sadly fade into extended times of frustration, arguments, stress from raising children, financial struggles, and incompatibility. When enough’s enough, couples typically turn to a Toledo divorce attorney for a way out. If this is you, then you may be looking for the right person to help you work through the complicated process of divorce.

Toledo Divorce Attorney Explains Meditation

Because the ending of a marriage doesn’t just mean parting ways, navigating through a divorce can become “one more argument” between you and your partner. One valuable step that may be beneficial to you both is to manage your divorce through mediation. Mediation may be the best way to settle your divorce in an amicable way that all parties, including children, can benefit from. If you choose to settle through mediation, don’t forget to take your attorney with you. Otherwise, you may end up getting the “short end of the stick.”

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary settlement process that involves a neutral third-party to help you and your spouse work through the details of a divorce process in a rational, fair, and amicable way. It can be a cost-effective and time-sensitive method that may keep your divorce process from lasting longer than necessary.

What will my Mediation process look like?

There are many various factors that may need to be covered during your mediation process. A mediator will sit down with you both as you decide how best to distribute those things which you’ve established over the course of your relationship. The divorce attorney that you’ve chosen will help to make sure you understand what is happening and to ensure that each outcome is fair and reasonable for you.

Some personal areas that might be covered could include:

  • The division of property (assets/liabilities). This would cover things like: houses, vehicles, personal belongings, any debts owed, business ventures started together, etc.
  • Questions concerning child custody and visitation rights/parenting time. If you have children, there are many other considerations to look at. Where will your child primarily live? Is one parent relocating out of Northwest Ohio? You may make arrangements concerning holiday visitation schedules, establish rules for possible blended family situations, or agree on parenting styles to be followed for consistency. Mediation can help you both remain focused on being engaged, committed parents even when you aren’t together as a couple anymore.
  • Child Support and other related expenses. Do your children attend one of Toledo’s numerous private schools? Are they actively involved in extracurricular activities that come with expenses? Figuring how to cover these expenses, on top of the everyday needs like food and clothing, can be challenging once your household income situation changes.
  • Retirement plans/savings accounts. Have you been contributing to these kinds of accounts throughout your marriage? The mediator, alongside your divorce attorney, will help you figure out an arrangement that is fair for both of you.
  • Tax-related issues.

These are just a few of the many different avenues that will need to be explored during your divorce process. Although the process may seem daunting or never-ending, you can come to a resolution that works for both of you. Mediation is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. Just be sure to take your attorney with you so you don’t get underhanded in the process.

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