Building a Strong Sexual Abuse Defense With Your Toledo Attorney

September 24, 2014

Have you found yourself facing sexual abuse charges? Maybe someone you love has been accused? You might not know where to turn and or what your next steps should be. How do you fight the charges? What will your fate be? Will you face jail time? Fines? Before you can get any of these questions […]

A Toledo Criminal Law Attorney Breaks Down Your Rights After You’re Arrested

August 29, 2014

Know Your Legal Rights If You’re Arrested in NW Ohio Do you know what your legal rights are if you are ever arrested? If you’ve ever seen those police dramas on TV, you may think that you do. But, chances are, you probably don’t have a complete understanding of what those rights actually are and […]

How I Ended up as a Divorce, Bankruptcy, Criminal Attorney…

May 16, 2014

Over the years I have been asked plenty of times how I ended up doing what I’m doing.  I guess the short answer is dumb luck.  I’m lucky that I stumbled into a job that I love waking up and going to everyday, but this was never my intention.  My intention was to get a […]