A Toledo Bankruptcy Attorney Could Prevent Your Ohio House Foreclosure

February 18, 2015

The American Dream. It’s an ideal that’s been rooted in the framework of our country since the very beginning. These ideals have changed over time, and the goal can be different for every person. But, underlying everything is the desire for prosperity, success, and happiness. One of the symbols of this dream is the purchase of a home. You work hard, save up your money for a down payment, and get the keys to a house that will become your home. It might be everything you could ever want, or it could be the start of what you would like to see it become. But, either way, it’s yours. Until financial hardship strikes. Then that dream is threatened. You may get behind on your house payments because you:

A Toledo Bankruptcy Attorney Battles Foreclosure

  • Lost a Job
  • Were Seriously Injured
  • Suffered Significant Tragedy

But, no matter the reason, the reality of losing your home can be devastating. So, just what do you do when your home is facing foreclosure?

One of the first steps is to enlist the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney to help you work through the process. It’s possible that the thought of filing for bankruptcy never crossed your mind before. Maybe you’ve never believed that was something for you. In fact, it might be a step you don’t need to take. But, a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can help you decide if that’s the best way to help you keep your home.

If you are facing foreclosure, hiring an attorney really can help you every step of the way.

Your attorney may:

  1. Be a go-between between you and your mortgage lender. In this capacity, your attorney can handle those difficult phone calls with banks that won’t listen to your story or seem unwilling to work with you. Your attorney knows which questions to ask, and who to ask them to. And, your attorney can make sure that your mortgage lender does not take advantage of you in the middle of a stressful, confusing, and difficult time.
  2. Halt or postpone your foreclosure. Your attorney understands the legal jargon concerning home mortgages, loan defaults, and refinance situations, and may be able to slow down the foreclosure process. This can provide you, -the homeowner- with the time you need to straighten out your financial situation and resume making your payments.
  3. Assist you in filing for bankruptcy. Although this may seem worse than a foreclosure, in reality, filing for bankruptcy as a last resort could be the best option available for your situation. If this is an avenue you choose to go down, your attorney will work diligently to help you keep your house if possible, and he will assist you in minimizing the damage to your credit and finances.

Ultimately, your Toledo bankruptcy attorney is there to help you keep your American Dream alive. After all, your house isn’t just a building. It’s a home where you build memories, laugh with those you care about, and find a sense of belonging. It can be a symbol of hope and safety for so many Lucas County residents. Don’t give up yet.

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