A Toledo Criminal Law Attorney Explains the Severity of Various Criminal Law Charges

April 10, 2015

If  you are under investigation or have been charged with a felony crime in Maumee, Ohio (outside the Toledo OH area), it is imperative you take steps to protect yourself from possible miscarriages of justice. As a United States citizen, the criminal justice offers you certain rights that are designed to protect you and assure you a fair trial. The most important of those rights is the right to attorney.

Toledo Criminal Law Attorney Explains Criminal Law Charges

The Importance of a Criminal Law Attorney
Whether your case is being handled at the state or federal level, you are entitled to an attorney who fully understands the nuances of the criminal justice system. An experienced attorney is an essential part of putting on an effective defense. Without a proper defense, you might subject yourself to the possibility of large fines and/or time behind bars even if you are innocent. A criminal law attorney provides several important functions:

1. Interpreting the Law – An experienced attorney is trained to understand complicated laws and all the implications that surround them. As your representative, the attorney should be able to explain your charges and the possible exposure in terms you can understand.

2. Assessing Evidence – While a prosecutor may have probable cause to file charges, it doesn’t mean they have the evidence to assure a conviction. It’s your attorney’s job to look at the evidence, listen to your side of the issue and determine a proper course of action.

3. Handling Paperwork – The filing of motions and court documents are critical processes that demand attention to detail and accuracy. An attorney and/or their staff members are trained to prepare critical documents the way the court system needs them filed.

4. Preparing for Trial – This is where many cases are won or lost. A competent attorney should review the evidence and line up experts and witnesses to refute the evidence.

5. Negotiating with Prosecutor – If you are guilty or there are extenuating circumstances, an experienced attorney should know how to approach prosecutors about a possible plea bargain. While you may have committed a crime, it doesn’t mean you deserve the maximum penalty. There is also the possibility they can convince the prosecutor to drop the charges if a case is weak or unfounded.

Crimes and Possible Penalties
The law has been structured in such a way to assure punishments are proportionate to the crime. While the system is far from perfect, there are certain crimes that are considered quite serious, creating severe punishments. (Note: the penalties listed are mandatory sentences in Ohio)

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon – minimum of 5 years with a maximum of 20 years
  • Armed Robbery – minimum of 5 years with a maximum of 20 years
  • 1st Degree Manslaughter – minimum of 5 years with a maximum of 40 years
  • Sexual Assault or Rape – minimum of 5 years with a maximum of 25 years
  • Aggravated Murder – Death penalty or life in prison (minimum 20 years)

As you can see, some crimes have the ability to destroy your life. The best protection you have is representation from an experienced and competent criminal law attorney. If you live around the Toledo OH region or in the city of Maumee, Ohio, and need representation, please contact this firm for an immediate consultation.

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