Defending Yourself Against False Accusations from Children’s Services With a Toledo Family Law Attorney

April 24, 2015

You love your children. As a parent, you work and you try your best to balance life’s difficulties and stresses. You’re not a perfect parent, but honestly, no parent is. Everyone makes mistakes as a parent. You’re not a bad parent. So, what are you supposed to do when Lucas County Children’s Services stops by your house unannounced to take your children away?

Toledo Family Law Attorney

Sadly, anyone can anonymously make a claim against you to Children’s Services, reporting child abuse or neglect that may or may not even exist. Unfortunately, there aren’t any repercussions for those who make false accusations, so anybody who believes false or inaccurate information about you can make a claim and you’re left trying to prove to the authorities that you really are a good, loving parent.

In an effort to serve and protect vulnerable and neglected children, Children’s Services sometimes overlooks a parent’s rights to jump in and “save the day.” The problem is, false accusations from CSB can have serious ramifications for parents, children, and families.

Did a neighbor report “possible abuse” after a few overheard arguments at your house? Did CSB receive inaccurate information from a school or other agency that works with your family? Whenever other individuals jump to conclusions about the safety of your children, and your ability to properly care for them, the ramifications of those false accusations could destroy your life. It’s important to have an experienced attorney familiar with the nuances of Family Law to help you protect your legal rights and keep your family intact.

Everybody Loses From False Accusations From CSB

Parents: Parents suffer when they are separated from their children. Parents have a legal right and responsibility to be with, and care for, their kids. There can be many other legal consequences associated with false accusations from Children’s Services. Accusations of child neglect or abuse, drug-related claims, or other criminal activities could cost parents potential employment opportunities, possible jail time or probation time.

Children: When children are removed from their parents’ care, they suffer emotionally from a traumatic separation. Children removed from their parents often experience attachment issues and instability when placed into temporary care situations, and may act out behaviorally at school and in

Social settings: If there are multiple children in a family, some logistical situations may force them to be separated from their siblings for days, weeks, months, or even permanently. This separation from parents and siblings can be extremely detrimental to healthy adolescent development.

Families with real problems: Typically, caseworkers have full caseloads, often comprised of too many clients with too little time to properly devote to each case. This means that case workers can be forced to hurry through an investigation in order to make time for every other case on their books. If a caseworker must sift through misinformation or false accusations concerning your family, then they have less time to concentrate on those families who really do need the attention.

If Lucas County Children’s Services shows up at your house to try to take your children away, contact a Family Law attorney right away before the situation gets out of control. Protect your rights and your family from wrongful separation by having a legal advocate on your side. Put a stop to false or inaccurate accusations before they destroy your family.

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