Avoiding Jail Time on Drug Charges With a Toledo Drug Lawyer

July 28, 2015

With many types of drug charges, the accused may face jail time and other significant punishments if he or she is found guilty of the crime. In some cases, the evidence against the accused can seem significant, such as if the drugs were found on your body during the time of arrest. If you face drug charges, you may think that a Toledo drug lawyer or a lawyer in Maumee, Ohio will not be able to help you when evidence against you is significant. However, in reality, a Toledo OH or Maumee area drug lawyer may help you in a number of ways.

Toledo Drug LawyerBuilding a Successful Defense Strategy
Your Maumee or Toledo drug lawyer initially will take time to learn more about the circumstances related to your case. The events leading up to the arrest, the time of arrest and the events that took place following the arrest will all be analyzed so that the attorney can develop a defense that will give you the best chance of avoiding jail time. Some of these defense strategies may relate to:

  • Determining if your civil rights were violated
  • Analyzing the severity of the charges to determine a lesser charge may be more relevant
  • Questioning who had possession of the drugs or if you knew the drugs were in your possession

These are only a few of the possible strategies that may be applied. Your attorney may have considerable experience with similar cases and may know which strategies are most effective based on the circumstances surrounding your case.

What You May Expect From Working With Your Drug Lawyer
Your drug lawyer in Maumee or Toledo OH may help you to avoid jail time related to your drug charges in several different ways. If your civil rights were violated, such as if your Miranda rights were not read to you, the attorney may ask that all charges against you be dropped. In some cases, the attorney may ask for a lighter sentence due to the evidence that is available. In other cases, the attorney may negotiate a plea bargain in exchange for your testimony or other information that you may have that could be helpful to law enforcement officials. When you initially meet with your attorney for a consultation, the attorney can learn more about your case and can tell you more about the potential outcome that he or she believes is feasible.

Even when all evidence indicates that you are guilty of the drug charges that have been filed against you, the reality is that a skilled, knowledgeable drug lawyer may have many different strategies and techniques that can be applied to your case. A smart idea is to meet with a Maumee or Toledo drug lawyer soon for a consultation. This will provide you with more information about your options and can provide your attorney with more time to work on your case and to build an effective defense strategy.

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