Child Abuse Lawyer

Child-Abuse-Lawyer-ToledoWe all make mistakes, but not everyone feels mistakes can be forgiven when it comes to kids.  Some people maintain that careless parents should be prosecuted. Teachers, doctors, and other professionals are legally obligated to report any evidence of child abuse or neglect. Something as simple as a story told by a child could be misinterpreted and result in an investigation by children services. Child abuse and child neglect charges are common during nasty divorce and custody battles.

What Comes Next

An abuse investigation may include an officer or caseworker visiting and interviewing you, your kids, and other possible witnesses such as doctors, teachers, friends and family. Your child could also temporarily be placed in a foster home during the investigation and throughout court proceedings. The rights that protect you when you are charged with a crime don’t always protect you during the investigation of a child welfare agency. Evidence gathered while taking your children away from you can be later used in a criminal case against you. If the case does go to court, you could find yourself facing stiff penalties including loss of parental rights or jail time.

You need a smart and tough child abuse lawyer on your side from the moment the first allegation is made and as soon as an investigation begins. Michael E. Bryant is a child abuse lawyer who knows what to watch for to keep you safe from mistaken allegations and false charges.