Grandparents Rights


Grandparents do have legal rights in Ohio. This includes both custody or grandparent visitation. Grandparents can ask a court to grant them the right to continue their relationships with their grandchildren, especially in cases of divorce or unmarried parents. The Court usually will make rulings based on the well-being of the child.

Grandparents Rights

On the issue of custody of the child, a grandparent may file a complaint if it can be proven that both parents are unfit. The grandparent also needs to demonstrate is that it is in the child’s best interest to be placed in the custody of the grandparent.

These cases can be extremely emotional.

Finding Someone You Can Trust

Finding the right lawyer may be the most important decision you make regarding your grandchild. You want a family law attorney with experience in Grandparent Rights’ cases. Michael E. Bryant is equipped to deal with all issues involved in your Grandparent’s Rights case. He is committed to providing you with professional and practical representation while keeping you and your grandchild’s best interest in mind.