Juvenile Misdemeanor

juvenile-misdemeanor-juvenile-crimesGrowing up is hard. Sometimes kids make dumb decisions. Sometimes those decisions lead them to the wrong side of the law. Kids can find themselves facing criminal charges for run-ins with police, a criminal complaint, serious problems at school, or all three. A child may find himself/herself charged with a juvenile misdemeanor like shoplifting (petty larceny), theft, vandalism, minor in possession of alcohol, underage consumption, and marijuana or other drug possession. Often these crimes are charged as misdemeanors.

Juvenile Misdemeanors Are Still Serious

Juvenile misdemeanors are typically considered as less serious than felonies. However, misdemeanors committed by minors are still serious situations that can result in serious legal consequences for juvenile offenders. These can include fines and/or time in a juvenile jail facility.

Other sentences are also possible for young offenders, especially for first-timers. Community service, probation, counseling, and diversion programs are all considered alternate consequences.

Whether you are a juvenile who has been accused of a crime or a parent of a juvenile who has been accused of a crime, Michael E. Bryant can help defend you against a juvenile misdemeanor.

He takes the time to understand your family’s unique challenges. He will work with you, and the court, to get you the best possible outcome.