Toledo Divorce Attorney


Statistics show more than 41% of marriages end in divorce. Some of those are contested divorces where a once loving couple takes to battle in court. If this is the case, you need an attorney with experience litigating child custody, visitation and child support issues as well as property division and spousal support.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a knockdown, drag-out fight. Going to court is just one way a divorce can be decided. An attorney can help you resolve your issues and keep your divorce out of the courtroom. Experienced Toledo Divorce attorney, Michael E. Bryant can help you decide which is appropriate for you.

  • Mediation: You and your spouse work with a mediator to resolve differences.
  • Collaboration: You, your spouse, and your divorce¬†attorneys contract to resolve issues in a win-win manner without a mediator and without court intervention.
  • Negotiation: You, your spouse, and your attorneys set a time frame and ground rules to resolve issues either with or without a mediator, looking for mutual gains whenever possible.
  • Arbitration: You, your spouse, and your attorneys present evidence to a neutral party for either a binding or a non-binding decision.
  • Litigation: If the dispute cannot be resolved, the court process moves ahead to be decided by a judge

Your divorce lawyer will explain and help you weigh your divorce options, including litigation. Together you will discuss how you wish to proceed. You want an attorney with your best interests at heart. Contact Toledo divorce attorney, Michael E. Bryant today.