Visitation Rights

Child custody issues are never easy. Visitation rights are often a major issue when trying to work out an agreement.

The court will typically allow parents to make their own visitation schedule so it can work around obligations such as work and school hours. However, when parents can’t cooperate, a judge can step in.

Visitation-Rights-attorney-michael-e-bryantThe Judge Rules

The judge can determine what is considered reasonable visitation and issue a court order with a fixed visitation schedule when it’s clear the two parents are determined not to reach an agreement. Some courts will also order a fixed visitation schedule to provide the stability that kids can rely upon in an upsetting and confusing period of their lives.

A judge can also step in when visitation rights need to be altered. This is common if a non-custodial parent fails to act on agreed to or court-ordered visitation schedule.

Whether you are a mother who wants to establish a formal visitation schedule for the father or an unmarried father who wants to establish your child custody rights, you want an attorney with the right attitude on your side. Michael E. Bryant understands that each client he represents has a unique situation. He wants what is best for you and your child, and has the experience to represent and guide you through this difficult process.