Child Sexual Abuse

We all want to protect children. We are often horrified by stories of child sex abuse. As public awareness of child abuse increases, more and more reports of possible sexual abuse are being made. But, not all of them are true.

child-sexual-abuse-toledo-attorneyCriminal Charges

Unfortunately, innocent people can be accused and criminally charged with child sex crimes. It can happen to anyone including, parents, teachers, coaches, and clergy. Sometimes sexual abuse claims come out of a misunderstanding, or worse. Sometimes someone simply may be out to ruin you and your reputation. If you have been questioned by a family member, another adult, or someone from children services about improper contact with a child, you may be under investigation for a sex crime.

Your effective defense strategy against accusations of sexual abuse starts by talking to an experienced attorney. Michael E. Bryant will listen to your side of the story. He knows not all allegations of sex abuse are based in fact. Michael E. Bryant will be on your side protecting your rights and making sure children services, police, prosecutors and the judge will hear your side of the story, too.