Physical Child Abuse

Defending yourself against allegations of physical child abuse is a serious situation. It a legal battle that could damage your reputation, result in a loss of parental rights, or land you behind bars.

Physical-child-abuseTypes Of Reports

Reports of child physical abuse can easily be manipulated. False reports of child abuse are sometimes made by children seeking attention or attempting to avoid reasonable forms of discipline. Feuding parents fighting for custody may also make false reports of child physical abuse. And sometimes there is a fine line between physical abuse and punishment. While some believe it’s okay to spank a child for misbehaving, others may feel it is putting a kid in harm’s way.

Child physical abuse is a serious matter. Don’t let someone questioning your parenting bring harm to you and your family. You need the valuable insight of an attorney like Michael E. Bryant guiding you from the moment abuse allegations are made. His experience and dedication to clients will let you know you are not alone while being judged by children services and agencies. Michael E. Bryant is a physical child abuse attorney who is in this for you and with you the whole way.