Toledo Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes divorce is just about money, but a lot of times it’s really about the kids.  Divorce and custody matters are traumatic for the whole family, but especially the kids.  You and I are going to sit down and really get to the bottom of the issues and what we want the Court to know.

If you and the other parent get along fine, and you don’t have much to fight about, there are some options.  We could do a dissolution to terminate a marriage.  We could propose a shared parenting plan.  Usually the court is willing to go along with a plan that the parents come up with.  After all it is your life, and only you know what is best for your kids.  I have helped parents come up with some very inventive and unique court orders.  But these were in the kids’ best interest, and that is really what’s important.

 toledo divorce lawyerIf you and the other parent can’t get along, we start using the tools we have at our disposal. One very useful tool is the Guardian ad Litem.  A Guardian ad Litem is an attorney who is appointed to do an independent investigation and report back to the Court.  This report includes recommendations that are in the best interest of your kids.  Guardians are very useful, but can be very intrusive into your life (but also to the other parent’s life).

Another tool we have is psychological evaluations.  These are very expensive, and should be used sparingly.  Psychological evaluations are rarely complimentary of the person they are evaluating.  However, they generally give the Court a really good idea of who is in the best position to care for children.

Then of course, if you and the other parent still can’t come to some agreement, we have a trial.  Custody trials are unique things.  Certain judges and magistrates may put a lot of emphasis on alcohol use, or marijuana use, or criminal history.  Others may pay attention to one parent introducing the kids to a new boyfriend or girlfriend every week.  Another judge may care who cheated on who.  Bottom line:  you need an Toledo Divorce Lawyer who can anticipate what a judge or magistrate is going to pay attention to, and emphasize those or minimize those as necessary.  I have the experience to do that.